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How Great Managers Motivate Their Employees

How Great Managers Motivate Their Employees

A lot of talk around the motivation of employees tends to forget the salient fact that they are already very motivated. So, if you happen to be a manager charged with motivating a team, you'll be needing a tool for quantifying motivation before continuing. Otherwise, you'll run the risk of alienating your whole workforce. As a manager, you can control the work environment which is a huge factor in employee satisfaction. 

Combining the manager's relationship and the work situation will create a work environment that workers want to work in. A work culture that offers a place where the employees are treated like adults is always a good start. After all, no one likes to be micro-managed. In fact, it's best to give the employees the tools, along with an outline of what's required, and then let them get on with it. This way, they are entrusted with the values, mission and strategic framework within which they are expected to perform their jobs.

So much can be achieved with simple respect and treating others with civility and dignity. A good manager will realise that these are the most important elements for getting the job done, but also for providing a happier working environment. Employees should always be encouraged to express themselves without fear of censure. it's hard to solve problems if those directly affected by them have no voice. For one thing, you may not discover there's a serious problem, that could be customer-related until it's too late. A business must show trust in its workers and be willing to share important data and facts with them, as, in many ways, they are stakeholders in the business itself.

For a business, there is nothing quite as powerful as a group of employees who are al contributing and are motivated to accomplish their work requirements. 

Ways Managers Can Motivate Employees

As a manager, you're never going to find the perfect work environment or culture that will support your efforts to motive employees fully. But there's no harm in trying to foster this working environment yourself. We listed a number of steps that you can take that'll help empower both the employees and the business as a direct consequence of implementing these factors.

Management Matters Most in Motivation

If motivation is an emotion, then that's what a good manager needs to bring to work with him every day. Many managers think that emotion has no place at work, but this is an retarded view from 100 years ago. The only way to get in touch with everyone's inherent motivation is by cultivating meaningful relationships with everyone.  And this will require heaps of empathy and understanding. Which all points to being more in touch with your emotions. Being emotionally honest will create an atmosphere of trust. In some ways, there's no greater honesty than being honest about yourself. We don't have to hide that stuff away in this modern age. 

You Can Make Their Day

As a manager, you should be setting high standards as a given, as well as letting everyone know your expectations. You should help them focus on their own personal and professional development within the working environment. And it all begins at the start of the day, with a smile and the right attitude. Behave as if you are also part of the team (which in effect you are) and so play your part. If something needs doing, don't hesitate to jump right in and help out. Lending a helping hand or making yourself available lets others know that you care about everyone reaching their goals. Understand that in many ways, you are the pivot around which the day will prove to be a boom or bust. 

Leadership Inspires Motivation

One thing that'll help you infuse your team with optimism and a positive attitude is that you should make an effort to minimize hostilities, cynicism and anxieties within the workplace. It's an uphill struggle to promote feelings of security and trust if they are constantly being undone by negativity. To get a grip on the situation, it's imperative that you are honest and communicate that honesty without fear or shame. talk to each individual member of the team and make an effort to get to know them and for them to get to know you. In no time at all, you'll instil a sense of optimism and vision within your team.

The Bottom Line for Motivating Employees

As the manager, you're the one responsible for creating a positive work environment. We're sure that we can all remember a toxic working place. This is down to an utter failure from the management. often it was a deliberate choice, as that's how the management think employees should be treated. This will only lead to a high turnover of staff as well as a huge number of sick days being reported. By making a choice to be positive, motivated and enthusiastic, you can achieve all the companies goals whilst at the same time creating a working atmosphere where the employees feel respected. Respect matter! To recognise individual and team efforts and contributions will lift the team spirits. 

Make sure that you understand that motivation is not something external to the person. It's their own drive. As a good manager then your job is to create the right conditions for employee's motivation to come to the fore. It's not so much that you need to motivate each individual, rather set the stage for them to shine. Many managers look at motivation as if it's something that can be enforced. This shows a basic lack of understanding. 

How to Demonstrate Respect at Work

Ask anyone working what they want from their workplace (apart from a holiday!) and they'll answer; respect and dignity. Just what we all want. as a manager, you need to be extra careful about the smallest things which might seem inconsequential to you but may have a serious impact on others. This can include such factors as tone of voice and body language. be kind, courteous and always encourage others to respond in kind. In other words, lead by example.

Ways to Show Appreciation

Make time for people. Really talk with them. Share your own interest, hopes and aspirations. It's not a form of weakness to communicate honestly and openly. More than anything it'll show that you too are human and that you genuinely care. Treats go a long way, be they a round of drinks after work or a bag of doughnuts in the morning. If it's someone's birthday, make an effort to celebrate together. 

The bottom line is that if you want to get the best out of your employees, then treat them as you would wish to be treated yourself (assuming you're not a sadist!). How simple is that? You may well be their manager, but always remember, that without them, you wouldn't have a management job! 

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