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Reasons Why Escape Rooms are Good for You

Reasons Why Escape Rooms are Good for You

Your brain craves food. We're not talking about doughnuts and pizza, but things to get it working. Puzzles and brain teasers come to mind. Something that requires both thought and the stringing together of those thoughts. So an escape room, with an hour's worth of full-on clues, logical thinking, puzzles, and enigmas is the perfect place to feed your ever hungry grey cells. These factors are responsible for triggering a spike in dopamine levels. The brain is getting a reward for solving puzzles. And that's why every player wants to be the person to open the door or input the coding solution. Dopamine is responsible for that feeling of satisfaction and gratification. Let's have a deeper dive into why escape rooms are so good for your mind.

Develop Problem Solving Skills

If you want to improve your knowledge of something, then it's best to surround yourself with the subject matter. And so it follows with escape room games. Because these rooms are filled with brain taxing puzzles and clues that require you to constantly re-evaluate new information as well as think out of the box, you are then using alternate ways of thinking to solve these problems. And these methods will also flow into your everyday thinking. 

Improve Your Communication Skills

If you're locked in a room with others and all have a common aim, then the chances are that you're going to need to communicate with each other. Or lose the game! Working together as one coherent unit requires effective communication. And that also includes the ability to listen carefully. As an added benefit, it'll help players see how to value the contribution of others. Once again, all important actors can be transferred to everyday life.

Attention To Detail

You already know that if there's an object in an escape room, then it's been placed there for a purpose. in other words, there's nothing there simply by chance. Of course, when you're involved with the game, then you're going to be focusing on even the smallest details. Much more so than you might do in your everyday life. That's because missing even something tiny could have a huge effect on the game's outcome. Being attentive to detail is a very important quality for a safe and secure life. 

Time Management Skills

With only one hour to organize yourselves, you need to get all your ducks in order to be able to complete the game within the allotted time. We often see a player become engrossed in a puzzle, and spending far too much time on it to the detriment of other puzzles. It's important to keep the big picture in mind. Tally up the clues you already have to determine what's missing. On the whole, they'll be a definite order to things. We suggest that the teams are split up into separate groups of players with each assigned to a separate area of the room. This will allow the team to cover more ground faster.

Discover Teamwork

Though a lot of business time is spent solely focusing on ourselves, the workplace could benefit from an approach where thinking of others was made at least of equal importance. Empathy matters, in particular with regards to maintaining good mental health. Escape rooms are the perfect setting for teamwork. It's often the case that it'll need more than just one person to find a solution or simply require more than two pairs of hands to operate a device. You'll find that many of the unique puzzles are designed to make teamwork a necessity. 

Create A More Enjoyable Work Environment

If you want to form meaningful relationships with people, then escape rooms are a brilliant excuse for getting to know people better. Sharing tasks and ordeals, especially ones with an outcome dependent on teamwork, will strengthen the bonds that make co-workers into friends. You'll see a completely different side of people's personalities as they're placed into new situations. Those bonds formed during gameplay will have a lasting effect on your relationships after the escape room game is over. And that's gotta be of benefit to the business you work in.

Improve Your Mood 

The great thing about dopamine is that every time you make the tiniest breakthrough whilst playing your escape room game, then your brain receives a tiny treat. This all adds up and makes you feel on top of the world. As you play, you'll feel less tired and more motivated. Your outlook becomes more positive. And it's not just you. Everyone in your team will be experiencing the same high. 

Give Your Heart Some Love

With all the sitting around we do every day, it's no surprise that heart disease kills over 600,000 people in the US alone each year. Our sedentary lifestyle is causing us all to become seriously ill. On a positive note, just 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day will reduce your chances of having heart disease by 50%. It'll also lower your blood pressure, cholesterol, and reduce the risk of a stroke. An escape room game is an hour-long, then that's more than enough exercise for one day. So instead of hitting up the local movie theater for another rerun, why not book an escape room game. It'll be a great time, and your heart will be thankful. 

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