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Remote Gatherings And Reunions During Halloween

Remote Gatherings And Reunions During Halloween

Covid Proof Activities


Since the real ghost of today’s world, the virus COVID-19 is making meeting up with friends and loved ones extremely difficult or even impossible, we often find ourselves sunken into anxiety and out of ideas or alternatives.
Sharing a movie together remotely, or throwing a party via Zoom isn’t as rewarding as trying out something way more immersive and personal as online escape rooms!

As the entertainment business is slowly adapting to the remote life of the 21st century, some escape room companies have been developing a remote version of their games that reflects the same personal experience as a physical escape game. The public’s response to remote escape rooms were and are overwhelmingly positive as people experiencing the game sensation as a real blast!
Connecting with friends from all across the globe, regardless of time zone and location gives a deeply satisfying encounter when it comes to hanging out with those who we miss.
The remote event of solving mysteries and untangling riddles, puzzles and putting all the clues together will certainly feel as if you would be directly in connection with friends and loved ones.
During difficult times it is best recommended to reward yourself and those who matter to you in a special way!
Online escape rooms are designed to provide exactly an experience like that, a real getaway from stress in the form of an exceptional adventure.


Ideas For Halloween Night


Traditional customs such as going for a trick or treat visit around the neighbourhood has been fairly disabled by the restrictions applied due to the global pandemic situation.
With lockdowns across the globe, friendly or even family visits are now a myth and are belonging to the legends of old.
Face to face meetings are now swiftly getting replaced by online video calls and chat sessions. When it comes to connecting with each other through the screen, during holidays it is slowly becoming a tradition to host hour long family meetings.

On the night of Halloween, no lockdown nor the quarantine should kill the spooky vibe as for creative and intimidating costumes and make up looks could be subjected to a family competition.
Let’s see who comes up with the most advanced and imaginative costume combined with a matching makeup look!

After introducing the fantasy themed garments it's time to bond a bit deeper and play your family's favorite quiz or charades games accompanied by a quality wine tasting and deep conversations. 
When all games are played out and you are eventually left deprived of ideas, introducing a whole new activity could shake up the Halloween spirit from its grave!
Becoming more and more popular a great escapade from the boring weekdays are the previously mentioned online escape rooms!
The idea and the structure is the same as the physical game: you and your team have to stumble your way across challenges, mysteries, puzzles and spooky riddles, the only difference here is that everything happens online.
A completely virus-safe, yet immersive social activity, remote escape rooms are certainly one of a kind experiences!

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What Kind Of Remote Escape Rooms Should You Try?


On the list of mysterious and spooky vibes there are numerous classic themes we can choose from.
Zombie themed escape rooms are the perfect gate to open up Halloween in a traditional and thrilling way.
After the reckoning of the invasion, facing the old but gold serial killer brigade is a must!

With the most popular themes aside, choosing a horror inspired room with live actors included can provide the ultimate immersive experience!
Actors are masters of jump-scares and reacting in an improvisational, but professional way to the flow of the story. If you are looking for a personal and deeply engaging experience it is always best to interact with flesh and blood zombies!

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