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Escape games and increasing creativity

Escape games and increasing creativity

Don’t believe those people, who continuously stress fake theories like creativity is nothing but talent: some people have more, others have less, all you can do is accept yours. These are fake information, unfortunately, many of us think that this is a scientific fact. The truth is, you can increase yours in many different ways, while you are having fun! Escape games offer you a great possibility to train your mind while enjoying your time!

Play as many escape games as possible!

This is the most logical and simple advice we can give. Just think about it: even one room contains so many puzzles and riddles that train your brain and increases your creative mind.

If you play regularly, you will feel the difference in everyday situations, when you need your problem-solving skills.

Fortunately, there’s a great site where you can find all the escape games on Earth, to find the nearest around you.

Collect inspiration!

Creativity and success  don’t come from anywhere. You have to train your mind every time you can, you don’t have to wait until you go to play. Read books (not just posts on the social network) this is the best way to train your imagination. Look after new experiences, try to find new things that make you feel happy and satisfied. Don’t let the boredom of gray every day take over control over your life.

Create your own escape game!

After you earned enough experiences in escape rooms, try to create your own puzzles and riddles, and test your friends and family! You can think about it like it’s a test because creating these tricks are not easy.

Train your creativity in escape rooms!

It might sound a bit difficult at first, but don't worry, The internet is your friend, you can find sites like this, contains much useful advice and information. 


You don’t have to stop build your creativity just because you are working. Do brainstorming sessions as often as you can with your colleagues. Listen to other people’s ideas, because other thoughts can help you to discover a new point of views, and become a more creative person. Create smaller groups for brainstorming, to give the opportunity to everyone to talk, and let others know what they think about the subject.

Don’t settle for the first solution

Don’t be lazy and satisfied after you found a solution for a problem. Sometimes the first answer is the real answer, but you never know! Keep thinking about other alternatives, most of the problems in life, or puzzles in escape rooms have more than one solution.

Keep looking for more answers!

Keep on asking yourself!

Every time you face a challenge or problem in life, keep asking yourself, don’t always handle other people’s opinions as facts, don’t believe everything. Use your brain, and try to find answers by yourself.

Be positive!

Pessimism kills creativity because it doesn’t let your imagination fly! Of course, you should think in a realistic way, you have to count on negative results as well, but if you keep telling yourself “I’m not going to make it!”, then you will make your negative thoughts reality. Avoid thinking in a negative way!

Don’t be afraid of making bad decisions!

Sometimes you can see people in escape rooms who don’t try to find solutions at all, they let other people do the job. In some cases, the reason for this behaving is some people are afraid to fail. They think other people will have bad opinions about them because their answers weren’t correct.Never afraid to give answers and make decisions.Making a bad decision is not a big mistake. Hold back your opinions and thoughts just because you afraid of other people is the greatest mistake you can commit in life.

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