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Never believe your eyes-The most interesting optical illusions

Never believe your eyes-The most interesting optical illusions

What do we call optical illusion?

We can talk about optical illusion, when the information collected by our eyes, and processed by the brain, makes you sense something that incorrect compared to the physical measure of the source’s stimulus. It might sound complicated, but these are nothing but cheap but effective tricks which are often used in escape rooms to challenge players.


Let us show you some examples!


Chasing monsters

It could be hard to believe, but the monsters on the picture are exactly in the same size, the only stereophonic effect makes you feel the huge difference between them. What makes it really special is the fact, that even if you know the truth, it doesn’t end the illusion, that's the reason why riddles based on this illusion makes really difficult to escape.

Chasing monsters


Ebbinghaus illusion

Also known as Titschener illusion. On the picture, the two circles in the middle seems to be in a different size because of the surrounding circles’ sizes cheats our brain. 

Which orange is bigger?



Jastrow illusion

Named after an American scientist, Robert Jastrow. The drawing below seems to be bigger, but the truth is, they are exactly the same. The reason why the picture on the top seems to be smaller is because picture A’s shorter side runs along with picture B’s longer side, which creates the illusion. This is an easy but effective trick that can steal valuable minutes in an escape room!


Leaning tower of Pisa

This one has won the Illusion Of The Year Title. The two pictures are exactly the same, but the one on the right seems to be leaning more. The reason for that is, our brain feels that the two pictures are the same, and it knows that the parallel towers should seem to approach each other at some point, so it corrects our senses.

Are they the same?

Edward Adelson’s illusion

The colors of A and B cube are exactly the same, they are wearing the same shade of gray, only the shadow effects make them seem to be different!

The colors are the same


In which direction does she spinning?

The truth is, there’s no good or wrong answer to this question. If you see her spinning in clockwise, that means you use the right side, the creative part of your brain. If she is spinning in the other direction, that means you use the left side, the rational thinking part of your brain. By the way, there are so many people who are able to see both versions.

The spinning dancer


One of the biggest masters of the moving illusions Kitaoka Akijosi, that’ his specialty. He created the picture below. The circles don’t spin, only our brain feels like they do.

Don't believe your eyes!


The classic one

This drawing was published in 1892. It pictures two animals in one. Some people see the duck, others see the rabbit first. Those who see the duck first are thinking on a more rational way than those who sees the rabbit, they are more creative persons.

Duck or Rabbit?

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