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The most famous jailbreak of history.

The most famous jailbreak of history.

Who were they?

This story is about four prisoners: Frank Morris, Allen West, Clarence and John Anglin. The Anglin  brothers met in the prison of Atlanta first, that was the second time they spent their retribution together. The guilt list of the guys was pretty long: The Anglin brothers got decades of punishment for several bank robberies, West was a professional car thief, and Morris was a drug dealer, who committed robberies with a weapon. All of them were brought to Alcatraz because they had several jailbreak attempts. The four yardbirds were placed in the same cell, so they had time to plan how to escape.


The escape

Probably the whole plan was created by Morris, who was a criminal mastermind as all the policemen and detectives told later, who knew him. Alcatraz was the ultimate prison, everybody believed that nobody able to escape it, since it had the best security system of that era, plus, it is an island in the San Francisco Bay, and it was impossible to reach the shore by swimming. What these guys went thru, is truly breath-taking: They started to dig a hole in the wall of their cell with the sharpness knives and spoons, which they get in the prison’s kitchen! To mislead the guards at the night checks, they put some hair, toilet papers, and soaps in their bed, so it looked like they are sleeping. Of course, all these stuff were stolen. They worked for months until they managed to reach the other side of the wall, which was an unused hallway. Only three guys were able to make it, as the hole was too tight for West, so he remained in the cell. The other three managed to reach the roof, where they pumped up their dinghy which was made by themselves, and left the island. Since then, nobody heard about them.

The dinghy was found on Angel Island. Nobody knows what happened after they reached the shore because that night nobody reported any crimes in that area.

The Three Yardbirds


After the escape

The FBI wasn’t able to find them, and twelve years later in 1979 they closed the case. All the competent, the family members, the FBI, the detectives, and everybody who were ever involved in the case, agrees about they managed to escape successfully, and they are still alive somewhere. On the 50th anniversary of the Great Escape, the sister of the Anglin brothers visited the Alcatraz to remember her brothers. “ As soon as I heard what happened, I was sure about they managed to make it,” She said.

The Alcatraz


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