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How to conquer your fears?

How to conquer your fears?

Yes, it’s possible.

Most of our fears are instinctive, they are coded into us since the ancient times because fear is useful: It helps us to survive. The basic fears we all have since we born is the fear of sharp, loud noises, and the fear of height. All the other fears we have are learned, and most of them are useful as well: we know that we shouldn’t dive into the flames because it’s going to burn us. But on the other hand, there is a causeless fear of animals, for example, there are parts of the world where you can find a bunch of prisoner species of spiders if you live there, you know you must avoid these animals because they are dangerous. But in other countries, there aren’t any harmful species of spiders existing, still, people are so afraid of them. The best way to conquer this kind of fear is to study these animals. You will realize that they don’t care about us, however, we are a million times bigger than them and they have nothing to use against us to defend themselves. The best way to get rid of your fears is to face them, you can think about it as a kind of training. A really good way to face your fear is to  play escape games like Nightmare in Budapest ( ). Doesn’t matter what kind of phobia or distress you have, guarantee you will face it in this truly extreme escape game!

Don’t forget, you don’t have to be the slave of your own phobia, there’s always a way out of it, even if it’s a hard way, it worth to be brave and ‘walk’ this way!

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