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How stress influences problem solving skills?

How stress influences problem solving skills?

What do we call stress?

Stress is the non-specific reaction of the organism for every stimulus that throws it off balance and forces it to adapt the new circumstances. Stress helps the organism to avoid chronic vegetating, it kick-starts our body and prepares our mind to solve critical problems in the shorter time as possible. Basically, we can distinguish a “good” and “bad” type of stress:

-eustress: This is the good kind of stress makes it seems easier to solve any kind of problems.

-distress: That’s the bad type of stress. Nowadays this is an epidemic sickness, which is most of the time caused by the workplace problems, and the super fast lifestyle we lead. The chronic distress causes illnesses like cancer, heart attacks, and much more.

Stress can be your friend!


How to use it?

The best thing you can do is, try to relax and let everyday problems go, to avoid distress. On the other hand, put some pressure on yourself to reach eustress, and learn how to handle it. The best way to do it is practice. Escape rooms can be the ideal environment, because the puzzles you have to solve are not easy, and the one-hour time limit is short, these circumstances can help you to create the eustress in yourself. The more you practice, the more effectively you will handle the complicated situations when you have to think and solve problems fast.


Where can I find escape games?

Basically everywhere. To find the nearest escape room game around you, visit where you can find all the existing escape room games around the world, and read all the information you might need before you go to play. Don’t forget, this is a team game, so call your friends, create a team, and learn how to handle stress while you are having fun!

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