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Why teamwork is important in an escape game?

Why teamwork is important in an escape game?

What is an escape game?

A group of people locked in a room and the have to escape in time. In order to reach their aim and complete their mission, they have to find and combine hidden objects, solve puzzles, and investigate after clues. You have only one hour to escape the room.

How to win the game?

In order to reach success, you have to work together with the other people like a real team, the communication between the members must be fast and effective, because the one hour you have, is not too much. You have to share all the information with each other as fast as possible in a way that makes it clear for everyone because without the teammates you won’t be able to solve the puzzles alone, so you need them.

Teamwork is important

Many people think that escape rooms are easy to pass and they can complete the mission alone but it’s not true. Without the teammates, you won’t be able to win the game, that’s why teamwork is really important in an escape room game! So every time before you book a ticket in an escape room, take your time to think about who you want to play with, and always choose those people who you understand well each other.

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