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Types of personalities you meet in an escape room

Types of personalities you meet in an escape room


Some people behaviour is surprising, because if somebody book a ticket to play an adventure game, you expect to be active, and try to give their best to help their team. Surprisingly, some people leave all the job for the teammates in an escape room, instead of helping them, they are just in the way, and they are totally useless.

The Dreamer

These players try to take their part, but they usually get stuck with examining  the different objects, and parts of the room without reason. They just always get lost in their fantasies, which make it hard for them to take next step.


The success is up to these people. They don’t have to be the smartest in the escape room, but probably they know their teammates really well, they know everybody’s advantages and disadvantages, they have the ability to organize teamwork, and motivate the teammates, by solving the first puzzles.


Most of the time they are anxious and tense, but this can be an advantage, because they really try to give their best to complete the mission in time, they can provide the balance in the team.

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