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How to get to know your new employees?

How to get to know your new employees?

How to look behind the mask?

The biggest advantage of escape games, is people can’t hide their real personalities for a long time when they have to solve a situation fast. In escape rooms you have the opportunity to test the behaviour, and personality of your future employees, you can see how they react when they have to work under pressure, and you can test if they are real team-players.

How is it possible?

Escape room games are about to test your skills. You must use your intelligence, problem solving skills, you have to be able to think fast to solve riddles, otherwise you won’t be able to complete the mission and escape the room in time. When you see people playing the game,you can learn about their intelligence, and other psychic capabilities.


My advice is, Every time you hire a group of new people, take them to an escape room, and watch them play! If you watch them carefully, you will gain informations about their personalities, strengths and weaknesses, that you would never be able to find out on a job interview.

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